a la carta

Tacos and Snacks

Fish Tacos (3)

Orly battered fish with dark beer, coleslaw, plum-chipotle sauce, chipotle mayonnaise and garlic cream

Vegan Tacos (4)

Filled with roasted potatoes and chickpea served with green sauce

Arrachera Tacos (4)

With cheese, bacon, mushrooms, poblano pepper and onion

The Top Choices

Mayan Octopus Tacos (3)

Stuffed with a “cantina” stew and Artisinal Spiced Sausage. Winner of the Gourmet Taco Competition 2017

Roasted-Rosemary Cauliflower

With mashed local beans, garlic oil served with arrabiata sauce

Tuna Steak (200g)

Mashed potatoes, Teriyaki sauce and French green beans in sesame seeds-soy vinaigrette

Burgers & Sandwiches

Zama´s Club Sándwich

Chicken breast, ham, fried egg, bacon… a yummy twist on a Classic!

Zama Style Burger (240g)

House recipe, mix of beef and pork with bacon

Veggie Sandwich

Grilled Veggies, chipotle dressing and guacamole


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